Fortnite Battle Royale guide. Challenges, tricks and tips! (2020)

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Welcome to our Fortnite: Battle Royale guide . After a somewhat rough start with Fortnite , Epic Games decided to publish Fortnite Battle Royale , a new mode for its title that, rather, we could consider almost as a free independent game that uses the engine, graphic materials and some weapons and costumes of the original video game

Fortnite Battle Royale: a free game

One of the main differences (and the most attractive for players) with respect to Fortnite is that this Fortnite Battle Royale, as we said a few lines ago, is a completely free game that we can enjoy on PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch .

To facilitate the download and do not get confused when making the game, From Vandal, we wanted to show you how you can download for free, Fortnite: Battle Royale on all platforms for which it is available

Challenges of Season 1

Chapter 2 has begun! Battle Island has managed to survive the enormous cataclysm caused by The Visitor, The Scientist or who the hell out … but things have changed a lot. New map, new areas, new mechanics … but what does not change is that we will have a complete guide to all the challenges :

⦁ How to get PE quickly : now that it takes so many PEs to level up, we tell you how to get lots.
⦁ Alter Ego : discover the secret identities of the new characters.
⦁ Reach the top of the highest mountain while wearing the Crossing suit : find the highest point of Battle Island to unlock the alternative version of Crossing, Obstacle.
⦁ New World : Complete the first battery of tutorial challenges from Season 1.
⦁ Mar Adentro : the first week of official challenges invites us to hide a little from our enemies. Overcome all the challenges with our guide.
⦁ Forged in sorbet : upgrade weapons and fight enemies to complete the third week of challenges.
⦁ Shipyard treatment : the fourth week of challenges invites us to mount a good explosion.
⦁ The whole truth : do you remember EGO positions? Well, it’s time to visit them in several challenges.
⦁ The Hideaway : get ready for some easy sea challenges.
⦁ Disclaimer : can you get all the Fusion skins?
⦁ Trick shooting : the seventh week has … “trick”. Do you get it? TRICK.
⦁ Thereto! : for week number 8, the thing goes from falling objects.
⦁ Chaos on the rise : the ninth week of challenges is one of the most heterogeneous. There is everything!
⦁ Cure vs. Toxin : get a backpack, a beak and an extra skin for this couple of characters.
⦁ Visit different food trucks : go to the food trucks to overcome a challenge.
⦁ Visit different bus stops in the same game : we give you the solution to the normal challenge … and the solution in case you have bugged.
⦁ Go through the rings of Raised Accumulations by parachute : don’t worry, just cross one.
⦁ Complete a time trial on a speedboat : we have another wagon, this time with a speedboat.
⦁ Dance on the Red Steel Bridge, the Green Steel Bridge and the Yellow Steel Bridge : the thing is dancing and colorful.
⦁ Find the hidden PE on the rising Chaos loading screen .
⦁ Register 2 chests within 30 seconds : we show you how to find several chests very quickly.
⦁ Complete the time trial swimming trials in Sleeping Pools and east of Hydro 16 : you will have to swim at full speed to overcome these challenges.
⦁ Eat apples collected in El Huerto : discover where this emblematic place is.
⦁ Dance in the Pipe, the Wicker Man and the Trunk Store : another dance challenge in emblematic places.
⦁ Protect yourself from falling damage by landing in a hiding place : mark yourself an Assassin’s Creed and complete the challenge.
⦁ Collect 500 wood, 500 stone and 300 metal : we show you a perfect location to complete this challenge.
⦁ Consume objects to look for : eye, not worth any object. We show you which ones they serve.
⦁ Visit emblematic places in the same game : we give you the perfect route to complete this challenge effortlessly.
⦁ Discover named locations : we show you the location of all new named locations on the map.
⦁ Discover emblematic places : learn to find interesting sites.
⦁ Catch a weapon using a fishing rod : yes, now we can fish, and we want to teach you how to do it.
⦁ Load with a player shot down for 10 m : learn this new mechanics to save your teammates.
⦁ Hide in hiding places in different games : we show you how to find these places and how to use them.
⦁ Deal damage within 10 seconds after leaving a hiding place : scare your enemies to death.
⦁ Upgrade items in a gun bank : we show you where to find upgrade banks to complete a challenge.
⦁ Dance in Compacted Cars, Lockie’s lighthouse and a weather station : it ‘s time to dance again.
⦁ EGO positions : you better know these places, surely we need them in the future.
⦁ Jump through flaming circles with a speedboat : easy and fast, with our guide you do it in less than a minute.
⦁ Inflicts damage to enemies by shooting explosive jets : good luck with gas stations, because this challenge is quite complicated.
⦁ Visit Boat ramp, Cala Coral and Pond of Pescaos : three emblematic places that we help you find.
⦁ Deal damage to enemies on the back of a speedboat : we’ll give you a little trick to do this easily.
⦁ Search for the hidden F on the New World loading screen : find all the letters and unlock the secret skin of the season!
⦁ Search for the hidden O on the Mar Adentro loading screen : the second letter to get the secret skin is now available!
⦁ Look for the hidden R on the loading screen Forged in sorbet : it hits the third letter in a certain pringose ​​factory.
⦁ Look for the hidden T on the shipyard Deal loading screen : the fourth letter takes you to the top of a crane.
⦁ Look for the hidden N and the loading screen of the whole truth : the fifth letter is in a certain EGO hangar
⦁ Search for the hidden I on the El Escondite loading screen : we have to search Finca Frenesí.
⦁ Look for the hidden T (2nd) on the loading screen. Trick shot : we’re almost done with the letters …
⦁ Look for the hidden E on the loading screen. To it! : It ‘s time to find the last of the letters.


As in any shooting game, we have a good amount of weapons to choose from. Remember that among them there are some better than others , but what we have at our disposal are:

⦁ Guns : a basic weapon, very versatile at short and medium distance.
⦁ Assault rifles : the best type of weapon available. Suitable for any situation.
⦁ Shotguns : the deadliest weapon at close range.
⦁ Submachine guns : at short distances, the equivalent of a chainsaw. Fast, lethal and annoying if you are on the other side of the canyon.
⦁ Light machine guns : the minigun is complicated to use, but if you open fire and have not been seen arriving, everyone will die.
⦁ Grenade launcher and missile launcher : if it pum, it hurts.
⦁ Sniper rifles : a weapon difficult to use, but lethal in experienced hands.
⦁ Grenades and explosives : nothing like an explosive device, often improvised or out of the ordinary, so that there is nothing left but a crater and a stain on the ground.
⦁ Epic skins for spikes : we tell you how to get special skins for your peak. When will a shovel?

Tricks and tips

The first steps in a game as complex as Fortnite Battle Royale are not easy and that is why we want to give you a hand giving you different tricks and tips that can be very useful in your games, starting with this video with some tips for Fortnite rookies Battle Royale:
In addition, to facilitate entry to the game we want to tell you several things, small tricks and tips, so that your arrival in Fortnite is easier:

⦁ Tips to start playing : to get involved, you have to understand some basic things about the gameplay.
⦁ Tips and tricks to survive : now that you know how to play, you can use advanced tips to play.
⦁ Dictionary of terms and phrases : if you don’t know the words, you won’t know what people are talking about.
⦁ Tips and tricks to play on mobile : playing from a terminal is not the same as with a remote control or keyboard. Discover little tricks to make it easier.

Fortnite Battle Royale Frequently Asked Questions

⦁ Do you have cross-play? : what you need to know if you want to play with people from other platforms.
⦁ Do you need PS Plus, Gold or Nintendo Online to play? : We tell you the subscriptions you need to play Fortnite Battle Royale .
⦁ Do you have micropayments? : there will be something that Epic gets money from, right?
⦁ Battle Pass : we tell you everything you need to know about this particular mechanic.
⦁ How to dance : from the floss to the flame dance, discover how to use them all.
⦁ Can you play in the first person? : For those who want to turn the game into an FPS, we have this entry.
⦁ What is the best weapon? : If you find a very specific weapon, you should keep it.
⦁ Play from NVIDIA Shield : Discover how to play from the NVIDIA application.
⦁ Two-step verification : increase the security of your account, avoid being robbed.
⦁ How to recover life and shields : discover how you can endure for a little longer in games.
⦁ Build : how to build walls, ramps to reach raised ledges …
⦁ The Storm : discover how the main mechanics of the Battle Royale works .
⦁ Squads : we tell you how the system works to play with friends.
⦁ Chests : all about the trunks of game content.
⦁ Controls : for the more ducks, the buttons that work on each platform.
⦁ Voice chat : playing talking with your friends facilitates coordination.
⦁ How to use your PS4 account on Switch : we tell you how to share the Fortnite accountbetween both platforms.

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