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Welcome to our Dragon Ball FighterZ guide , where we will teach you how to get the most out of what is already the ultimate Dragon Ball game for many . Here we will explain in depth the different game mechanics so that you learn to fight and squeeze the most of your different playable characters, as well as answer the most common doubts that usually arise and we will discover some of its most interesting secrets.

How to dominate all fighters

Here we tell you how to dominate all the characters:

Do you have crossplay?

Unfortunately, Dragon Ball FighterZ is not a game that includes the cross-game function between versions, so that its players can only play online against those users who are playing on the same platform . That is, there is no way that a PS4 player can play with someone from Xbox One or PC, or that an Xbox One can play with someone who enjoys the title on PC. Keep this in mind when choosing the platform on which you want to play and where you will have more friends.

How to fight, operation of mechanics


As in any other fighting game, combos are the chains of blows we make to our opponent without him being able to defend himself or get rid of her once the first attack fits . Dragon Ball FighterZ has a good amount of “automatic” combos that are executed simply by combining the main attack buttons, although these can make them more complex, long, effective and spectacular performing chases, invoking our reserve characters and introducing special techniques and definitive at the right time.

Z Assist

In the middle of the fight, and provided that the recharge time of our reserve characters is over, we can invoke our reserve warriors to appear on the screen for a moment, perform a special attack and return to the bench . Depending on the button we press (L1 or L2 in the case of PS4, and LB or LT in the Xbox One) we will invoke one or the other. The movement executed by each combatant is exclusive to each one, so they can have very different effects and not all of them can be introduced in the same way in a combo.

Z Change

Thanks to this movement we can change our active character for one of those we have in reserve . To do this, we simply have to press and hold L1 or L2 (PS4) or LB or LT (Xbox One). Depending on the button we press, the relay will be done by one character or another, and this will always appear running a Super Dash, so it can be countered if we perform the relay when the enemy is defending.

Ultimate Z Change

In addition to the basic relay method, there is another way to replace our active character with one of the reserve with some more security. To do this, if we press L1 or L2 (PS4) or LB or LT (Xbox One) when we execute a special attack that consumes a Ki bar, we will invoke one of our reserve characters in exchange for another additional Ki bar.

The interesting thing about this is that the combatant who enters the scene to take over is also doing a special movement , thus being able to carry out a large combined special attack to make the change while punishing the opponent by subtracting a good portion of Your life bar. It should be noted that this is not limited to a single character, since we can call the two we have in reserve to execute a triple combined attack (obviously, this requires the use of a third Ki bar), although after it only The one we called last will remain in the combat ring.

Super Dash (R2 or RT)

The Super Dash is a movement of great importance during the battles, because thanks to it we can approach our opponent in an instant flying towards him at full speed and impact with a blow upon reaching him , which opens the possibility of starting a combo and keep a constant pressure. In addition, it can also be used to carry out persecution combos (that is, to get closer to the enemy and beat him before he can recover when we send him flying to the other end of the stage). Its great defect is that it leaves us totally exposed to a counterattack, either in the form of a special technique or after a blockage, so we will be very punished if we abuse it and use it insane.


As in any fighting game with some depth, the defense is very important, since it not only serves to greatly reduce the reduced damage, but also to open the opportunity to counterattack after blocking the opponent’s blows . To defend ourselves, we will simply have to press back to protect ourselves from high and medium attacks or diagonally downwards to avoid medium and low attacks. Note that the blows that we block cannot kill us, so if we block a special or definitive attack that should eliminate us for doing more damage than our remaining health, this will leave us with only one point of life.

Sparking (R1 + R2 or RT + RB)

Sparking is an emergency resource that we can only use once in all combat . The less characters we have alive, the more we will boost our statistics and the longer it will last, so it is extremely advisable to use it when we only have one combatant left standing. In addition to empowering, it will also allow us to regenerate the blue portion of the life bar of our active character at full speed, so knocking down an enemy with Sparking activated is a rather complicated task.

Nor can we forget to mention that this technique opens the possibility of canceling normal attacks by jumping and that the blow that occurs when activated can be used as cancel to lengthen a combo.

Dragon Rush (R1 or RB)

This movement causes our character to take a small step forward and initiate a burst of blows that concludes by sending the opponent to the sky if he runs while on the ground or stamping him on the ground if we use it in the air. In addition, in the first case we will chase the enemy to be able to punish him with an air combo. The greatest peculiarity of this technique is that it acts similarly to a grip, so it cannot be blocked, which is very useful for breaking the schemes of an enemy that does not stop defending itself. It is also very effective as a combo finisher when done in the air.

Tips to start playing

⦁ The selection of our team is one of the most important decisions that we will have to take before each game. In a game with so many possibilities like this and in which so many things can happen throughout the development of the battles, it is convenient to have a group of characters capable of adapting to the needs of each situation to counteract the tactics of the rival, so which seeks to select fighters who stand out in different fields and who are able to interact well with each other when using their support movements.
⦁ The relays are very important , because thanks to them we can send our active character to the reserve so that he recovers life. This will only regenerate the blue part of your health meter, although this is usually very generous, so if we play our cards well and endure enough with our other two fighters we can heal a huge percentage of all the damage received. Of course, if you have not finished recovering the entire blue bar and we will take it out again, we will lose that portion of the meter forever. Summing up: do not hesitate to change your active character on a frequent basis shortly after receiving some damage, but do it with a head .
⦁ Reserve Sparking for when you only have one character left alive . This is one of the most important resources we will have throughout the battle and thanks to it we can overcome desperate situations. Sparking can only be used once per fight and will allow us to regenerate at full speed, while active, the blue portion of the life bar of the character that is fighting. As we will not be able to heal when we run out of relief, this will be the only way we can recover when only one fighter remains. Ideally, this last warrior has enough life at this time of the battle to get the most out of it.
⦁ Be very careful with the Super Dash, as it can be easily countered by our rival . This movement is common to all the characters and will allow us to quickly fly towards our enemy to be able to hit him and start or continue a combo. As it is a very fast attack, it usually becomes one of the best ways to press and surprise our rival, although if he is attentive and defends himself we will be totally sold and he can execute a dangerous counterattack, so try not to abuse him.
⦁ Properly manage your Ki bars . In this game we will get loads of our Ki meter almost by breathing, so we can constantly perform a lot of special techniques, definitive movements, teleports, and so on. However, if we run out of charges we will see our range of actions reduced and very limited, so try not to waste them and use them only when you are sure that what you want to do will work.
⦁ To succeed with the final movements there are two more or less infallible methods. The first of these lies in learning a combo that allows us to fit it before the opponent can recover from our blows and thus ensure that whenever we do it fully enters . The problem with this is that as we lengthen the combos, our attacks and techniques are losing effectiveness, so if we make a very long chain of blows and finish it off with a definitive one, it will probably take away a portion of ridiculous life that may not We are worth it for the expense of the three Ki bars that ask for these attacks.
⦁ The other more or less certain way to succeed with a technique of these characteristics is usually using them as a counterattack when our opponent is sold or has hit the air that prevents him from recovering in time to defend himself . Obviously, this will depend on both the movement itself and the characters that are fighting, so it is usually a way of using something more risky and that requires a little practice and experience, especially when it comes to knowing how to read our enemy to react quickly. Obviously, if we succeed in a definitive technique, we will make sure that it does all its damage by not having any combo reduction.
⦁ Do not hesitate to invest time in Training Mode . The tutorial will help you learn and understand its bases in a practical way, the combo challenges will teach you how your character works and give you good ideas about the different ways they have to link attacks so you can create your own combinations of strokes, and Training Mode will allow us to put into practice everything we have learned in a large number of different situations in order to “mechanize” all our actions in the face of a real battle, something that will greatly increase our chances of victory.

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