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Café Mania was a very popular restaurant simulation game in real time. Developed by the Vostu company , it was a worldwide success played by more than 250,000 users on Facebook alone.

The Café Mania game missed you …

Initially, the game was made available only to Orkut, a social network created by Google engineer Orkut Büyükkökten deactivated on September 30, 2014.

Who never came home from school or work running to play coffee? We even realized how long a dish would be ready before arriving home and serving customers.

In the Café Mania game, you managed a virtual restaurant, that is, cooking various types of dishes, leaving the restaurant’s appearance with your face and also personalizing your chef’s avatar.

Do you miss the fashion of coffee? The game ended in June 2016 by Vostu and I really missed you!

Café Mania has made several alliances with important famous brands such as:

Coffee Mania games

  • Antarctic Guarana (a new beverage machine with the brand’s flavors was created to serve player Ronaldo and singer Claudia Leitte);
  • Ades (new recipes were created for Ades in the game);
  • And Netlflix (players received multiple credits when registering on Netflix).

Coffee Mania is over but don’t be sad! Our site has a variety of Mania-style coffee games, restaurant games for you to have fun online. In this list, we have selected the best Coffee Mania games for you to enjoy.

Cake shop

Cake Shop is a pastry game. Serve several customers and prepare various types of colorful cakes to earn money.

As you earn money, new cake recipes are unlocked. Serve customers on time so they don’t get mad!

Restaurant And Cooking

In this coffee mania game you can prepare many hamburgers, fries and delicious juices on the beach!

Initially it will start in a small beach bar.

But as the game evolves, new recipes are unlocked and you can win a great restaurant.

Cooking Fast 2 Donuts

When cooking quickly, 2 donuts have a restaurant to prepare delicious donuts!

And in addition to these delicious sweets, you can also prepare soups for customers. Be fast and meet everyone within the time limit.

Cooking Fast Hotdogs And Burgers Craze

Help a very cute chef cook several hot dog dishes in a fun Coffee Mania game!

You must cook as quickly as possible to serve multiple customers and earn a lot of money.

You can refine your tools in the kitchen over time to make more delicious dishes and earn much more money to unlock new recipes.

Cake Design Cooking Game

Open your cake shop in Cake Design Cooking Game! Serve all customers with agility to earn lots of money and launch new delicious cake recipes!

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