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Call of Duty Mobile is a installment of the saga focused solely on the competitive multiplayer on mobile devices . It is a whole new bet in the franchise, and it has certainly been a success in downloads . And you know what that means: here we want to offer you all the information possible to make your games easier .
While the game mechanics do not differ especially from what we have already seen in previous installments, there are a number of things we want to talk about:

  1. Configure emulator to play on PC and with remote
  2. Weapons
  3. How to get free credits
  4. Free loot boxes
  5. Gain experience
  6. Point streaks and the nuclear bomb
  7. Battle Royale

Configure emulator to play on PC and with remote

The application is designed to be played on mobile terminals. This is something that everyone doesn’t like. Luckily, there is a completely legal application and officially recognized by Activision and Tencent that will allow you to emulate the game on PC :

⦁ Where to download the emulator : you will have to get the official application to play from PC.
⦁ Keyboard and mouse configuration : pr0s know that nothing equals the accuracy and speed of a keyboard and mouse. Learn to configure it.
⦁ Remote configuration : if you prefer a standard controller, you can also use a remote control as if you were playing on the console.
⦁ Change the language : the emulator puts the game in English by default, but you can change it if you want.
⦁ Link mobile and PC account : you can share the progress you get playing on mobile and PC to not lose anything when changing platforms.
⦁ Advantages of playing with the emulator : there are a couple of obvious things we want to tell you.


A shooter without weapons is not a shooter , is a walking simulator . In Call of Duty Mobile we have at our disposal lots of weapons, almost all of them old acquaintances of the saga. Although the system has been simplified and now you can only carry two weapons , we have many things to tell you, such as:

⦁ How to get weapons : it will not cost you much to get new equipment to win games.
⦁ Improve weapon attributes : weapons have a seried and statistics, we tell you how to improve them.
⦁ All weapons : discover all the weapons you can use, at the moment, in the game.
⦁ The best assault rifles : your best friends in almost any circumstance.
⦁ The best sniper rifles : ideal for those who put earth in between.
⦁ The best light machine guns : contain the enemy and shoot. With so many bullets, some will reach the target.
⦁ The best submachine guns : a short burst sustained to the chest and the problem is over.
⦁ The best shotguns : one of these fire sticks will give a good scare to anyone who bumps into you.
⦁ The best guns : A skilled player will be able to get the most out of a belt gun.
⦁ The best rocket launchers : don’t you like to aim? With one of these it is enough to hit “more or less”.

How to get free credits

In order to buy some items it will be necessary to get a special currency called credits . Although you could pay for them, it is not completely necessary. Here we want to tell you how to get free credits to spend in the game store.

Free loot boxes

The game features the classic mechanics of loot boxes . In them we will get cosmetic objects, as well as some that will help us improve our equipment more quickly. However, almost all are paid . However, we can tell you a few things so you can get some of them without paying a hard:

⦁ Types of boxes and probabilities : these are the types of cash available, and the associated loot probabilities.
⦁ How to get free loot boxes : there is one type of box you can get up to five for free every day. Find out how.
⦁ Beware of scams : learn to protect yourself from those who only seek to steal the unsuspecting.

Gain experience

Every COD player knows that gaining experience and leveling up is the real engine of multiplayer games. There are several ways to get experience in this title very fast, which will make you advance right away and unlock all the rewards of juicy levels, such as weapons and new losing streaks. That’s why we have prepared a list with the best tips, tricks and help to get XP very quickly .

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